Thursday, March 6, 2008

Michael John Poirier

If you have ever have the opportunity to go to a prayer /song service with Michael John Poirier, I have one word for you . . . GO!

Who is Michael John Poirier?
This gentle man, Michael John Poirier, has wrapped his prayers in songs and presented them as gifts to listeners and to God. Michael's music speaks of forgiveness, peace, and love.

One of 12 children, Michael's public music life began at age 14. His story winds through a variety of venues along life's way, and always with the gentle nudging of God saying 'return to prayer'.

Today, Michael - singer, songwriter and storyteller - travels with his family throughout the United States, changing hearts and lives as they spread their message of God's love and mercy through parish missions, candlelight prayer concerts, and Eucharistic Adoration.

His music is filled with prayers of encouragement, comfort, forgiveness and mercy, and touches the lives of all...people of all faiths, and those who are new and old to the Christian faith.

This is the second year I have been able to pray with, friends, family and John Michael. I only wish he and his family could stay longer in our neck of the woods but that would be so selfish!
Here is a link to the family's schedule.

This is a comment of John Michael's that I really liked!
A young woman asked me, "How do you hold onto that amazing peaceful feeling? When you came to our parish a few weeks ago, I was floating for three weeks - then it stopped! I got very angry about it."
I told her it might be wonderful to 'feel those warm feelings' but it is important for our growth to not be "floating" all the time. There is a temptation to worship the blessing instead of the God who bestows.

You can keep up with the Poirier family travels through their Holy Family Now blog.


Anonymous said...

We went to St Anthony's on Monday and Wednesday evening, also.
This ministry is a much needed one for our Catholic faith. Thank you for the link to JMP's schedule and website. I intend to support it as best I can -- most certainly with prayer.

Al Green

Anonymous said...

John Michael and his family are a great example and inspiration for our family. Please remember to pray for JMP's health -- especially for his vision and that he become and remain cancer free. You can read more about this at his website.
Let us all strive to create holy families.
In Christ,
Helen Botto

Soutenus said...

Thanks, Al and Helen, for the comments.
Here is a brief health update from JMP's
blog (January 2008),

"I was told the tumor is not growing and is in fact showing signs of scarring. This is what we had hoped for. Thank you for the prayers and support over the past year -it has certainly having a positive result.

The routine is to continue checking the tumor every six months until it is completely 'dead'. Also my lungs and liver will be checked once a year for 4 more years. If the cancer does not relocate to either of these places, then they will declare me 'cancer-free'. So far - so good."

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