Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A New Ministry

For all who might be a bit frustrated that they can't get out more often to serve the Church, an invitation I found (see link at end of post):

You are invited to join a new ministry called Missionaries in the Home. The time commitment requires every minute of every day (and night) for a term of at least the next 18 years and may be extended at any time depending on the birth of new little Christians who need evangelization. The responsibilities include feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, visiting with the lonely, catechizing, and educating, as well as all the support services, transportation, maintenance duties, and financial support for the position and all those who fall under the scope of the ministry.

Our goal is simple, to build the Kingdom of God through the co-creation and formation of new members within our own households. The ministry will have to be an underground operation, however, as the world will reject the importance of such an undertaking, and my husband has forbidden me from approaching our pastor for formal recognition. Please join me in this invaluable work for the Church. I think you'll be able to fit it into your already busy schedule without noticing a difference.

source: Justinespired


Bia said...

I'll sign up! Every minute of every day (and night)? For 18 years? No problem!! *smile, wink!*

Soutenus said...

LOL, Bia!
Yep, I signed up, too!

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