Sunday, August 14, 2011

Canaanite Woman Teaches us to Pray

Like the Canaanite Woman, with humility and faith, let us acknowledge Christ as our Lord, and savior. With reverence and devotion, may we on our knees worship Him in the Eucharist. With resignation, may we allow Him do to with us as He pleases. With confidence, may we always hope that He hears our prayers. With charity, may we intercede for our loved ones and those who need the Lord’s healing. And with perseverance, may we persist in prayer because we hope in Christ's mercy.     ~Fr.CS,OP
Today's Gospel Reading  (Matthew 15:21-28) is wrought with layers of meaning.

This woman of Canaan teaches us to pray.
1. With great humility, in that she acknowledges herself to be a dog.
2. With faith, because she calls Christ the son of David, i.e., the Messiah, the God and Saviour promised to the Jews.
3. With modesty because she sets before Christ the right of dogs and her own misery; yet does she not draw from thence the conclusion that Christ should heal her daughter, but leaves that to Him.
4. With prudence, in that she takes hold of Christ by His own words, and gently turns His reasoning against Himself, into an argument for obtaining her desire.
5. With reverence, with religion and devotion, because she made her supplication on her knees.
6. With resignation in that she did not say, ‘Heal my daughter,’ but ‘help me,’ in the manner which shall seem to Thee best.
7. With confidence, because although a Gentile, she had a firm hope that she would be heard by Christ.
8. With ardour.
9. With charity, in that she made intercession for her daughter, as if she were anxious for herself, saying, help me.
10. With constance and perseverance, in that she persisted when she was twice repulsed and became yet more earnest in prayer. 

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