Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Catholic Faith Delivered

I can only say . . . "AMAZING!" 

I just learned about and ordered The Didache Series. We are starting with The Scriptures but I do not know if I can wait to order Church History. They also have the Faith and Life series for younger students.
You can click "free lesson" to get an idea of what the course is like.
Here is the info on
My Catholic Faith Delivered in general and then
The Didache Series Online:
My Catholic Faith Delivered provides in-depth learning programs and video tutorials on the web for all levels of knowledge of the Catholic faith. This is accomplished by combining Catholic content with innovative technology. It is the ideal program for a teacher or a catechist looking for resources and courses, and for a Catholic who simply wants a better understanding of the faith. These fantastic courses are available on the Internet anytime, anywhere—making learning convenient and fun. Our dynamic courses feature engaging lessons, interactive activities, and immediate assessments that give real-time feedback on learner progress.
My Catholic Faith Delivered and Midwest Theological Forum
present The Didache Series Online
This web-based series draws from sacred scripture, the lives of the Saints, and the Doctors and Fathers of the Church. Its engaging online format allows for anywhere and anytime learning. The assessments offer real-time feedback and the reporting data eliminates the extra paperwork needed to track progress. The embedded links and videos allow for additional learning and support. Voice-overs and the ability to enlarge font size are standard for those who need that additional support.



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GrandmaK said...

I also have found the series beautiful as well as most informative! I would expect nothing less!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

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