Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Quick Look Ahead and Back w/ The Legion

I just read a post by George Weigel (source link below).  He mentions part of the statement from The Holy See to and about The Legionaries of Christ acknowledges that the sordid facts of the Maciel affair “could bring into question the vocation and central charism that belongs to the Legionaries of Christ and is proper to them.

I agree that the current Legion leadership, at the international and regional levels, should be replaced, immediately and comprehensively . . . . (Alvaro + many more)

And, imho, they should replace administrators in the schools who are fully indoctrinated in the "cultish" mind set of The Legion. I hope that is what they mean by regional levels.

I also believe that for those innocent RC members -- the moral blackmail must stop.  According to credible reports from the families of Legionary seminarians and students in Regnum Christi schools it continues today: “Since you came to us it is clearly God’s will for you to be here, and you will be turning your back on God’s will and sinning if you leave . . .1
Having taught in a Legionary school I can attest to this plus a constant mental and emotional wash of "believe nothing to be true unless we tell you it is true" mantra.

To this day I am grateful for the depth of faith that came from praying with, studying with and worshiping with Catholics I met at that school. All who helped guide me in the study of my faith were not RC.

Yep, that would be you, Mike and Ike trio, Colleen, Linda, Josh, and Mary. I thank God for you everyday.

The environment this school created was conducive to fully integrating faith and daily life including work. BUT (and a big "but") if you were roped into RC things took on a different scope and perspective including the whole, "Nuestro Padre" mentality. One example comes to mind:

On Dias de Los Muertes our prinicipal explained to a very naive me -- "We honor the soul of the mother of Nuestro Padre (Maciel) because she is a saint. She will be beatified soon."
Let me interject that the picture of La Madre de Nuestro Padre was displayed as the person the school honored on that "Day of the Dead."
I (the eager student) earnestly wanted to understand about her life -- what was it like - why did they know she was a saint? So I asked, with wide eyes and a completely open mind, "Why?"
The answer . . . are you ready for this?
First imagine the look of shock, distain and pity that the principal gave me followed by the answer,
 "Because she bore Maciel."
I remember leaning in and peering into my principal's eyes . . . was this a sick joke - was she going to wink and then, possibly give me a more rational answer?
Nope - she was serious.
I am sure I leaned back (my body language always gives me away).   I think I stumbled through saying something like, "Oh, hmmmm, uhhhh, ok?"
Pretty smooth, huh?

The current administration at that school is riddled with problems. I hope the decisions made about the Legionary schools help get rid of the powerful people with unbreakable ties to the "old Legion." That kind of brainwashing does not go away easily.

Please pray for everyone involved and for the reparation from this scandal to our one, holy, catholic and apostolic church.

and yours truly


bridget {bake at 350} said...

I have to say that I'm really glad we're not there anymore.

Abbey said...

There is so very much upheaval going on, not just in The Church, but everywhere. It serves to push me ever closer to our Loving Father, for that is the ONLY place we will find shelter.

Abbey said...

I left something special for you on my blog .... ;)

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