Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ever been confused by St. Paul's writings?

by Mark Hart

When I began reading Scripture I was constantly confused by St. Paul's writings. It was like he was speaking in a riddle. I was comforted to find out that even St. Peter occasionally had a hard time (2 Peter 3:15) with Paul's intense compression of language and depth of his writings.

For this reason, my friend Chris and I wrote a book a couple years back called "Sword of the Spirit: A Beginner's Guide to St. Paul."

Here's a free pdf download of one section of the appendix, where we give you an overview of each of Paul's epistles and "what to look for" as you pray through them:

The final book - available at - offers a look at St. Paul's theology and a background on his teachings. Additionally, the full appendix gives an overview of each of his letters (above), maps of his travels, a concordance with his insights on specific topics, a guide for reading and more. The introduction to the book was even written by Dr. Scott Hahn, a brilliant Scripture scholar and trusted friend.

I just wanted to offer you this free overview of St. Paul's writings because I wish I'd had something similar many years ago.

As always, my deepest prayer is that this blesses your prayer life and the greater Kingdom in some way.

May God bless you always and all ways!


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Esther G. said...

Aloha P.! Not exactly the appropriate place but I wanted you to know I have a little gift for you on my blog. :-)

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