Friday, April 16, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI CEO (not!)

I found a wonderful post that helps us correct the distorted image of the pope as dictatorial CEO or Marine commandant.  

 " . . .the (utterly incorrect) image persists that the Catholic Church is a kind of global corporation, with the pope as CEO, the bishops as branch managers, and your parish priest as the local salesman.  And according to that image, the pope not only knows what’s going on all the way down the line, he gives orders that are immediately obeyed all the way down the line.
  Or, to vary the mis-impression, the Church is like the United States Marine Corps—there, at least according to legend, when the Commandant issues an order, everyone from the highest-ranking four-star to the lowliest Parris Island recruit staples a salute to his forehead and does what he’s told."

The full post can be found @ The Archdiocese of Denver website. Author: George Weigel
Specific article link: 

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Abbey said...

I have heard this horrid, misguided description of our Holy Church all of my life. Fictional films and books don't help. Ignorance must truly be blissful, but not to me.


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