Monday, April 19, 2010

Chesterton Quote - A Woman's Function

How can it be a large career to tell other people’s children about [arithmetic] , and a small career to tell one’s own children about the universe? 
How can it be broad to be the same thing to everyone, and narrow to be everything to someone?
No, a woman’s function is laborious because it is gigantic, not because it is minute.

~ G. K. Chesterton


Lisa said...

Oh, how I love Chesterton! He nailed pretty much everything, didn't he?

Abbey said...

That is one of THE most profound quotes I have ever read. BRAVO!

Blessings, dear friend,

GrandmaK said...

My goodness, he has such a wonderful way with words. They do give us dignity don't they! Thank you!!!! Cathy

Alexandra said...

Love this quote!

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