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Rev. Euteneuer, Abby Johnson Speak at Houston Coalition Fundraiser

A Homeschooling Mom who is in my Yahoo Group posted this. . . . It NEEDS to be shared.
  Last night I attended the fundraiser for the Houston Coalition for Life at the Galleria Westin Hotel.  Those several hundred in attendance gathered for encouragement after a busy year, to break bread and to hear Reverend Euteneuer, president of Human Life International, and Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood administrator, speak.  
     As Abby Johnson walked to center stage, she was greeted by a standing ovation.  For those of us who know the policies and methods of operation of Planned Parenthood, we marveled at a radically changed heart and mind as she recalled the day that she witnessed an abortion being performed through the use of an ultrasound.  
 The ultrasounds at Planned Parenthood are always silent, she said.  Better that a mother doesn’t hear the beating of that small flicker on the screen which is her baby’s heart.  But it doesn’t matter, for the mother never sees the flicker, for they are not allowed within the mother’s sight.  It is a proven statistic that over 60% of mothers who are considering an abortion change their minds when they see their baby on an ultrasound.  
     The abortion proceeded and to her horror, the baby moved away from the instrument.  One of the most often asked questions during an abortion encouragement session is, “Will the baby feel it?”  Planned Parenthood counselors are instructed to answer no.  That day, as she watched this life move away, she had to ask herself what she had been promoting for eight years.  Johnson was being groomed  to become the chief administrator of the largest Planned Parenthood Clinic in the world right here in Houston, Texas.   
   When the encouragement for an abortion session ends, the mother goes to the cashier and she is asked for the payment of $130.  To many of us, that doesn’t sound like much.  However, most of these women are on one income and have other mouths to feed.  So, the pitch isn’t over.  For in that confused moment a statement like this from the cashier hones in for the close:  “Or if you decide on an abortion, we won’t charge you today.”  
   To make matters more difficult, Johnson said, she was informed that abortions at the new facility on the Gulf Freeway would take the lives of unborn children up to 24 weeks.  She questioned this statement as she had been told that it would be 20 weeks.  She was told the timeframe of 20 weeks was given so that the public could get used to the idea; that 24 weeks wouldn’t seem so bad afterwards.  
 She had always told her family that she would quit her job the day abortions exceeded 20 weeks.
As we all know, Abby Johnson walked away from Planned Parenthood a few weeks later and has never looked back.  Today, her witness is invaluable to what Rev. Euteneuer called the Church leadership's responsibility to become Joshua, and us, the Church Militant to follow that leadership.  
Abby Johnson agreed, saying that as she worked at Planned Parenthood, she never heard a word from the pulpit against abortion.  When she later asked why, her pastor responded that he was afraid of offending the congregation.  I tried to recall when Christ was afraid of offending the people with the truth.  Didn’t he offend them so badly that we mourn and fast as I write?  Was the cross a convenient prize for the act of social graces and political correctness? 
Rev. Euteneuer wasn’t the man I’ve always pictured.  He is small in stature, he blessed the gathering and prayed over us before he left, and every word he spoke was embraced in love and grace.  Among his many stories was that of Joshua (the Church leadership) defeating Jericho with his army (the Church militant).  He spoke of the Mayan ritual of sacrificing babies to their gods; how the Spanish tried to stop this and then how it ended with the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  There was always a drum beat during the sacrifices to drown out the screams as the priest passed the baby over the fire.   
   After listening to the witness of Abby Johnson we know what the drum beat of today’s Planned Parenthood is:  lies and deception.  For if this is the protocol for their abortions, what then, is the goal of their “health care”?   We only need to extend the logic.  In doing so, the next question is, when do they come for you?
   Reverend also related the story of how Nicaragua, removed abortion from their books of Law.  It took a few years and the process went something like this:  unite a strong church leadership, under which is a strong Church militant to show up at these mills and then the laws will be changed.  Johnson wisely related that if Roe vs. Wade were overturned tomorrow, abortions would still take place.
 Action must start in the Church!
What do we do?  After Reverend gave us the formula of 80% prayer and 20% work, we were beseeched to go to our pastors, to our priests, to our leadership to expose this crime; we must proceed under Church leadership.
   One has to ask themselves as the 45-50 babies scream today as they are being suctioned, torn, and sliced from their mother’s wombs at Planned Parenthood downtown:  “What can I do?”  Don’t we?
   The drum beats have to be deafening to the American conscience.  Don’t they?  To look in the mirror is painful, so maybe that’s why we walk away when we do, myself included.  Planned Parenthood has done their job well and my business and thoughts are not about my neighbor.  Or the legal murder of her baby.  
  It was the images of the praying Church on the sidewalks of Planned Parenthood that were burned into the mind of Abbey Johnson.  They appealed to her conscience and brought her to the gates of the Coalition for Life in Bryan, Texas when she needed support  for her decision to choose life.  The sidewalks in front of Planned Parenthood are the front line against abortion.  It is there that minds are changed and lives are literally saved.  
Joshua could have stayed home and prayed.  And we need prayer, but we also need to work.  This is a real battle for truth, justice, and human dignity.
This is a call to the Church militant.  Joshua sounds the trumpet!  God forgive us and grant us the wisdom, grace, and energy to work and pray for what is the primary litmus test of our society and culture:  life!
"Progress should mean that we are always changing the world to fit the vision, instead we are always changing the vision." - G. K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

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