Monday, December 28, 2009

Upstaging God

Do you ever find yourself in conflict or struggling and you then realize that it was because you placed yourself center stage?

Do you ever find yourself expecting friends and family to play supporting roles to whatever event is unfolding in your life?
I'm not proud to admit it but I have.

Placing ourselves center stage in life is bound to throw off the perfect balance we could have if we'd only placed Christ there instead.

You know that expression, "She thinks the world revolves around her"?
Play along with me for a moment . . . . .

Replace the word, "She" with the word, "I".
Change the word, "thinks" to its singular form.  Are you still with me? You know where this is leading, right?
Now replace the word "her" with the word, "me".
Add the word, "Do" to the beginning and a question mark at the end.

Maybe we should ask ourselves this question when there is conflict in our lives.
Do I think the world revolves around me?

Putting ourselves center stage upstages God!

Christ is the center of the whole universe, and if we make him the center of our lives we begin to live in the way that God intended.

It is true in marriage also.

If two people who are trying to be the center get married, they fight constantly. Who should be the center of a marriage? The Gospel tells us Jesus Christ should be the center, just as in the Holy Family.

Inspired by: The Holy Spirit, The Feast Day of The Holy Family and Father Benjamin

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