Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gator Update

A follow up on the gator . . . . My daughter posted this on her FB page

fyi) Tony is her beau and "Zeus" is his little dachshund. And, I am sure you would agree that a cute little dachshund would be a tasty morsel, indeed, for a gator or a croc!

Here is my daughter's post:

"delighted to report that Tony and Zeus went "croc hunting" today (despite the advice of several sane competent people) and couldn't find any.

So he has either vacated the complex or someone brought him in for tea. I think I should take suggestions for names..."

OK, that made me chuckle.

But this had me laughing out loud . . . .

Here is Tony's Mom's comment . . . I don't think she was kidding . . . they are from Louisiana:

"Watch out Tony. You know how Dad always has those dreams about ya'll getting eaten by alligators!"

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