Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Between Peanut Butter and Lulabies

Has anyone read this or used it in class?

1000 Years of Catholic Scientists 
Did someone say that good Catholics can't be good scientists?  Never have been, never will be?
Have they heard of Pasteur?  Of Lavoisier?  Of the Ampere whose name is abbreviated on most of the electrical appliances in your house?

     Using the Catholic Encyclopedia, now on line, along with her personal background in science and a network of other resources, Jane Meyerhofer has composed this list of nearly 200 eminent Catholic scientists since the tenth century.  Find them in every century, in every field of endeavor. 
In the new edition, scientists are listed chronologically, with an alphabetic index. This is much easier to use, and -- though it is intended as a reference book, the list actually makes a very interesting read, straight through.
Mrs. Meyerhofer is a homeschooling Mother of four (so far) and did all this between the peanut butter and lullabies(Note from Soutenus: "between peanut butter and lullabies"  I LOVE this vivid description & it is almost enough to make me buy the book. I am a sucker, I know!)
It is a great work of intelligent love.
106 pages  $12 new edition 
Go to order page

Shipping is only $4.00 for up to two books. The source is The Hedge School
Anyone ever heard of the Hedge School?

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