Wednesday, June 11, 2008

To Dye or Not to Dye

I had a good friend who started to go gray in her 20s. She never dyed her hair and she looks amazing. It is the joy within -- I am CONVINCED.
In my humble opinion -- WHY waste money on such vanity and WHY subject your health to the really horrific chemicals in the dyes?

I am trying to teach my kids that it is "what is on the inside that counts." Between school and church and my own I teach 300+ kids. Many are stereotypically beautiful and many are not. There are children with with skin conditions, cleft lips, obesity problems due to meds, etc.

I cannot rationalize putting chemicals onto my hair that will seep into my bloodstream to hide gray hair so I can look younger- because younger is considered more attractive in our society. How can I teach that skin diseases, cleft lips and other stereotypically unattractive conditions do not matter if I choose to dye my hair?

When a second grade girl told me recently that she was getting contacts because she wasn't pretty in glasses I wanted to cry. I reaffirm my goal to try very hard to practice what I preach -- "Beauty comes from the inside."


Barb, sfo said...

I agree completely. I am seeing more silver in my hair, and that's OK. I don't intend to dye it. This is the way I am, and that's that.

It's heartbreaking when little children have such skewed ideas about what's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Vanity, vanity --all is vanity----the first lines of the Imitation of Christ.
We are in such a self obsessed culture today--to me the most hideous of all are the middle aged women who try to look and dress as if they were still in their teens or twenties. There is a time and season for all things---being and looking like a grandmother is a grace-filled time and I have found that children love the look of a "gramma" with greying hair and a "roundness" and softness about her......the middle aged grammas that are freaking because they aren't in a size 3 and the obsession with ones looks---what a tragic waste as well as being vanity, vanity, vanity.......

Daniel said...

God made us to go grey or silver or bald. Changing our appearance to adhere to cultural ideals of beauty can get out of control quickly.

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