Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Personal Catholic Carnival April 2008

Keeping Kids Catholic, a great post @ My Domestic Church.

Why Be Catholic by Jimmy Akin

A wonderful story about a pre-Vatican II Bible Catholic from Visits to Candyland.

St. Louis Marie de Monfront - Apostle to Our Holy Mother over @ Catholic Fire.

Do Catholics Worship Statues? found @ Catholic Spitfire Grill.

This Rock magazine archive & subscription information.

This prayer I found @ Streams of Mercy.

"I don't have the answers, Lord. Only questions. You are God, and I am not ... You are pure mystery, and my mind is blinded by prejudice, ignorance, and error. Help me. Guide me each step of the way, and take these blinders from my eyes and help me to truly see."

The Catholics Come Home website is wonderful. It is an apostolate that is reaching out to those who have been away from the Church for some time through a series of multi-media presentations.

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