Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fasting & Feasting

This is specifically posted to help us all remember the joy in sacrifice. . . .the riches it can bring . . . . to help us see the bigger picture. H/T to Esther at Catholic Mom in Hawaii for this wonderful post.

Fast from judging others;
Feast on Christ dwelling in them.

Fast from apparent darkness;
Feast on the reality of light.

Fast from thoughts of illness;
Feast on the healing power of God.

Fast from words that pollute;
Feast on phrases that purify.

Fast from discontent;
Feast on gratitude.

Fast from anger;
Feast on patience.

Fast from pessimism;
Feast on optimism.

Fast from worry;
Feast on divine order.

Fast from complaining;
Feast on appreciation.

Fast from negatives;
Feast on affirmatives.

Fast from pressure;
Feast on unceasing prayer.

Fast from hostility;
Feast on nonresistance.

Fast from bitterness;
Feast on forgiveness.

Fast from self-concern;
Feast on compassion for others.

Fast from personal anxiety;
Feast on Eternal truth.

Fast from discouragement;
Feast on hope.

Fast from facts that depress;
Feast on truths that uplift.

Fast from lethargy;
Feast on enthusiasm.

Fast from suspicion;
Feast on trust.

Fast from shadows of sorrow;
Feast on sunlight of serenity.

Fast from idle gossip.
Feast on purposeful silence.

--William Arthur Ward

H/T to Esther at Catholic Mom in Hawaii for this wonderful post.

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