Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I have been tagged by Catholic Mom of 10 on a pretty cool book meme (I love serendipity!). Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

My nearest book is, Wisdom of the Saints, by Jill Haak Adels.
Page 123 happens to be the beginning of the chapter on Charity.
After the 5th sentence, the next 3 sentences are:

1) It is easy enough to feel drawn to good, healthy people who have pleasant manners, but that is only natural love and not charity.

2) A mother does not love her sick and deformed child because he is loveable but because she is his mother, and we must pray the Hol
y Ghost to put into our hearts that selfless devotion which nature has put into hers. (Robert Bellarmine)

3 (& 4) )I tell you these things, refreshing you, and praying that since we are all created of the same substance, which has a beginning but no end, we may love one another with a single. For all who know themselves, know that they are of one immortal substance.
Anthony of Egypt)

I am tagging anyone who reads this and blogs. If you don't blog feel free to answer in the comments section for this post!



Anonymous said...

Wonderful sentences!

Daniel said...

From: The Age of Napolean by J. Christopher Herold

(Napleon told Las Cases at St. Helena)
1) "If Washington had been a Frenchman at the time when France was crumbling inside & invaded from the outside, I would have dared him to be himself, he would merely have been a fool..."
2) "As for me, I could only be crowned Washington."
3) "And I could become that only at a congress of kings, surrounded by sovereigns whom I had either persuaded or mastered."

Izzy said...

How random! I love it! OK here we go. Closest book to me right now is, All the Kings Men -- Robert Penn Warren. (Yes, Sou I am finally reading it like you told me to!)

1 You know, an old fellow with nothing to do and nobody to talk to.
2 You can't read law and history and Dickens all the time.
3 Or fish.

Joyce Paul said...

I'll participate!

Joyce Paul said...

OK (sorry, I hit publish too soon!)
1-I do not expect to see it in my lifetime, and I am not even sure it would be a good thing.
2-In any case, the question is beside the point.
3-Merely to create this polycultural society, to build into law and custom a respect for black and many other cultures and styles of life, will keep us busy for a very long time.

That was from a book wrotten in 1969 - The Under-Achieving School, by John Holt

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