Saturday, December 29, 2007

Makin' a List & Checkin' It Twice

Lists always seem to deal with this physical world. . . what to do instead of how to be. What about a spiritual "to-do" list, one full of reminders on how to be a good person? Maybe like this?

  • practice charity
  • forgive someone
  • help a stranger
  • take a stand
  • visit the sick
  • read/watch something inspirational
  • sing a hymn
  • be a peacemaker
  • be kind, smile, speak gently

I need a list like this.

H/T: La Dolce Vita


ANawtyMouser said...

Such good advice! If we could concentrate on just ONE of these every day...think of the difference it would make in ourselves and those we come in contact with!

Esther said...

Good list! I love lists. I am really enjoying your blog. :-)

Soutenus said...

Thanks for visiting! I am so grateful for this blogging community.

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