Saturday, May 19, 2007

Introducing Vox-Nova

Hey everybody!
There is a new blog in town. It is called Vox-Nova (New Voice).
I have been invited to participate in this new group blog that will focus on Catholic perspectives in politics, society and culture.
The contributors are a politically diverse group of Catholics. These folks are very interesting, in fact, I am a bit in awe of the collective sum of knowledge and opinion in the group. Some of these contributors might even be familiar to you if explore the Catholic blogosphere.

Here is a part of the Vox-Nova mission statement:
"United in our Catholic, pro-person worldview, yet diverging in our socio-political opinions, we seek to provide informed commentary and rigorous debate on culture, society, politics and law, all while unwaveringly adhering to, and aptly applying the principles of Catholic doctrine. We are not intellectually wedded to any single political ideology.
Following the example of the rich tradition of Catholic social doctrine from Pope Leo XIII to Pope Benedict XVI, we do not forge artificial blockades between “faith and morals” and “social judgments.” We do not and will not filter Catholic doctrine and morality through contrived categories in order to morph our Catholic faith and practice into some ideologically acceptable form.

We understand that the grace of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of humanity, extends to and permeates every human act, however private or public, and that the only viable path to peace, prosperity and justice in the world is to recognize that grace saturates, sanctifies and perfects every aspect of nature.

Thus, faith informs and grace affects the full scope of human effort, from the deepest devotion of spirituality to the most mundane activity in the social sphere. Vox Nova seeks to be a herald of this glorious truth and its manifold implications for culture, society and politics."

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