Thursday, April 26, 2007

Godspell on Saturday

I am on a short hiatus -- until I recover from our Godspell production. Our performance is Saturday, April 28, 2007.

If you are familiar with Godspell you will understand when I tell you that I added the resurrection scriptures. I have always loved Godspell but felt like it needed to end with Jesus' resurrection not the crucifixion.

The last week of any show is usually crazy. This past week this is what has happened to us:

  • 1 actor come down with the chicken pox

  • we lost our lyrical dance pas de duex (they couldn't get out of a dance competition they thought they would have "no problem" with)

  • one of our directors was robbed (major recording equipment)
  • Our actor who plays Jesus is fighting bronchitis

  • Our performance space has been multiple use space that drives us completely bonkers . . . but as MyMary used to, "Whatcha gonna ta do?"

  • The whole choir hasn't yet shown up

  • We realized the choir and the cast were using two separate versions of 1 of the songs.

  • We had to build steps to take kids off the stage (down center)

  • We could not get the stage itself until Wednesday AND it is shorter in depth than we were told so we had to re-stage a lot of things

Keep in mind these actors range in age from 7 to 14. They are coping (for the most part) with an incredible positive spirit. They are also doing a GREAT job with this play.


  • We have been blessed with accomplished musicians who have volunteered to be part of our production and be our back up vocals and live musicians.

  • Our actor playing Jesus is totally perfect for the part. He and 1 other actor come to us from across town (different schools).

  • The actor playing Judas is a national poetry recitation winner. He is a 3rd grader with the performance power of an adult (we split the role of Judas between 2 kids)

  • The actor playing the singing role of Judas has a beautiful voice and is shining with it!

  • I have put together a children's companion Bible Study to go with kids as they walk out the door. I want to help them separate fact/scripture from abstracted storyline and dialogue.

  • I also put together an adult companion Bible Study.
  • Godspell has been an amazing play for my students. They are learning the gospel of Matthew, opening up their Bibles to check things against the play, and singing joyful songs at recess.


Joyce Paul said...

Break a leg! Godspell can be a great way to reach those searching for Jesus in a secular world.

Michael Joseph said...

It was an outstanding show! Thanks for the hard work.

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