Friday, April 20, 2007

2. All Religions Lead to God

2nd of 12 Statements Catholic Should Be Able to Answer

2. “Christianity is no better than any other faith.

All religions lead to God.”

If you haven’t heard this one a dozen times, you don’t get out much. Sometimes there is a slight twist to the statement going something like this, "We just need to be the best we can be; we need to be good people. How could God not take us into heaven if we are good." Sadly enough, the people making these statements are often Christians (at least, in name). The problems with this view are pretty straightforward.

Christianity makes a series of claims about God and man: That Jesus of Nazareth was God Himself, and that he died and was resurrected — all so that we might be free from our sins. Every other religion in the world denies each of these points.

So, if Christianity is correct, then it speaks a vital truth to the world — a truth that all other religions reject. This alone makes Christianity unique. But it doesn’t end there. Recall Jesus’ statement in John’s Gospel: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me.”

In Christianity, we have God’s full revelation to humanity. It’s true that many religions contain some measure of truth — the amount varying with the religion. Nevertheless, if we earnestly want to follow and worship God, shouldn’t we do it in the way He prescribed? If Jesus is indeed God, then only Christianity contains the fullness of this truth.

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~Joseph the Worker said...

Wow this was a cool series you did. I think it was before I knew you in the Blogiverse.

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