Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If your child's school allows 'Day of Silence' propaganda, keep your child at home April 20

Let your school officials know that if they are going to allow social and political action in class, your child will not be there.

The Day of Silence, which is sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), fast approaches. This year it will take place in most public schools on April 20. On this day, thousands of public high schools and increasing numbers of middle schools will allow students to remain silent throughout an entire day-even during instructional time-to promote GLSEN's socio-political goals and its controversial, unproven, and destructive theories on the nature and morality of homosexuality.

Parents must actively oppose this hijacking of the classroom for political purposes. Please join the national effort to restore to public education a proper understanding of the role of government-subsidized schools. You can help de-politicize the learning environment by calling your child out of school if your child's school allows students to remain silent during instructional time on the Day of Silence.

Parents should no longer passively countenance the political usurpation of public school classrooms through student silence.

If students will be permitted to remain silent, parents can express their opposition most effectively by calling their children out of school on the Day of Silence and sending letters of explanation to their administrators, their children's teachers, and all school board members. One reason this is effective is that most school districts lose money for each student absence.

School administrators err when they allow the classroom to be disrupted and politicized by granting students permission to remain silent throughout an entire day.

Visit this website for complete information on opposing the Day of Silence.


1. Call your local schools and ask whether they permit students or teachers to remain silent in the classroom on "Day of Silence." IMPORTANT: Do not ask any administrator, school board member, or teacher if the school sponsors, endorses, or supports DOS. Schools do not technically sponsor the Day of Silence. Technically, it is students, often students in the gay-straight alliance, who sponsor it. Many administrators will tell you that they do not sponsor the DOS when, in fact, they do permit students and sometimes even teachers to remain silent during instructional time. Also ask administrators whether they permit teachers to create lesson plans to accommodate student silence.

2. Find out what date the event is planned for your school. (The national date in 2012 is April 20, but some schools observe DOS on a different date).

3. Inform the school of your intention to keep your children home on that date and explain why.

Take Action NowFor more information or questions, visit Day of Silence Walkout.

It is very important that you forward this alert to your friends and family members.



Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association


NicaRico said...

You have got to be kidding. Does this blog not exemplify the need for a day of Silence?

If today you hear God's voice, harden not your heart. But do no not walkout because kids feel they are not heard for who they are.

Do not use God to teach your children to hate. In the midst of your ranting, realize there are people that your actions hurt.

Voice your opinion, but do not mock those who are already being bullied. "What so ever you do to my gay brothers and sisters," Jesus says, "you do unto me."

Soutenus said...

Perhaps you misunderstood. This is not a day of silence that honors God. This day of silence is designed to honor actions that go directly against God's teachings.

If we hear God's voice we must obey His commandments. If we harden our hearts we go against the will of God.

This day of silence encourages children to hate God's will for us. True charity is to teach our children that "tolerance" does not mean accepting that which is wrong.

Bullying is never right. Bullying is a completely separate issue. Virgins are bullied,extremely smart kids are bullied, weak and small children are bullied, ugly children are bullied, kids with glasses are bullied, new kids are bullied . . . . NO ONE should be bullied.

It is a separate issue altogether.

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