Friday, March 2, 2012

Amazing Lectures - Christendom College

I just found a great resource:  Extra-Campus Lectures by Christendom College.
Christendom's faculty members are frequently invited to speak at other campuses, conferences, and community gatherings. Find these lectures here.

You will also find: Major Speakers Program by Christendom College
 The Christendom College Major Speakers Program is an important aspect of the academic life at the College, offering the students and community an opportunity for cultural, intellectual, and spiritual enrichment beyond the classroom. The Major Speakers Program offers the students expanded opportunities to gain greater insights and depth of understanding of important issues, and to interact personally with a wide range of men and women who are shapers and critics of our society. At least two major speakers are hosted by the College each semester.

Look for this, also: Pope Benedict XVI (2006) by Christendom College  

Christendom College's 17th annual Summer Institute was held July 28-29, 2006 at its Front Royal, Virginia, campus. The conference, entitled "Pope Benedict XVI: A New Pontificate," featured guest speakers Francis Cardinal Arinze, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, and others. Over four hundred people came to hear inspiring talks on various themes relating to the thoughts and writings of the newly elected pontiff.

My son is doing a research paper on St. Paul so this was an amazing find!  
St. Paul: His Spiritual and Scriptural Contributions to the Church (2009) by Christendom College

And, last, but not least:  Guest Lectures by Christendom College
As a Catholic liberal arts collge, Christendom's essential purpose is to place students on the path to Christian wisdom, a wisdom born from the contemplation and love of both natural and divinely revealed truth. The activities, events, community and spiritual life on campus also foster the cultivation of wisdom, helping students to form the moral virtues, the habits of Christian living, which will enable them to order properly the goods and things of the body and the higher goods and things of the soul. In support of the every-day academic life, the President's Office, Career Development, Student Life, and various student organizations invite men and women to speak on various topics. Find these lectures here.

Christendom College is the Catholic College of Virginia where...

  • Catholicism is the "air that we breathe"
  • Academic excellence takes the Magisterium as its guide
  • Education is a personal experience guided by top-notch professors who truly care about the students' learning
  • Catholic culture is taught, lived, and loved
  • Students earn B.A. degrees in Classics, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science and Economics, and Theology as well as M.A. degrees in Theology
  • Parents can feel assured that their children will grow in the knowledge, love, and practice of the Catholic Faith
  • Students can continue to follow their vocation to holiness
Christendom College is a four-year coeducational Roman Catholic Liberal Arts College with undergraduate and graduate programs offered on three campuses in Front Royal and Alexandria, Virginia, and Rome, Italy.

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