Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do Not Feed the Beasts!

Vices are like beasts! If you don't starve them, they will grow into monsters and may devour you if they are vicious. 
For instance, curiosity can be a vice if it leads you to know things that will get one in trouble, and leads one to gossip or commit the sin of detraction. Curiosity is not necessarily bad, but can become an evil if leads us to sin. 
We are to starve it by abstaining from unnecessary things.
 ~ Father Sama,OP


Lisa said...

Wow. Great quote! We heard a fascinating sermon a couple weeks ago where the priest explained that, in the quest to save our souls, we should not consider that we have "freedoms." We don't have the freedom of speech -- as we have to refrain from dtraction, gossip, back-biting, lies, etc... And you can imagine from this where else our lack of freedoms would go... but the one that stopped me and made me think was the freedom of "the press." As praciticing Catholics, we don't have the freedom to read just anything and everything. If something can lead us into heresy or cloud the clarity of our Faith -- or, of course if something tempts us to sin, we're not free to read it. Thing is figuring out what not to read before you read it... Blessings, Peggy! You always provoke thought!

Abbey said...

A good, simple analogy works best! This was short but oh so great!

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