Thursday, February 17, 2011

Death Is My Counselor

No one knows exactly when Jesus is coming back.  I think on the words of Jesus,

"Many will come in my name saying, 'The time has come.' Do not follow them." 
When is Jesus coming?  No one knows.  But, one thing is for sure . . . .  our human bodies die. Not "if" but "when" . . . . .  so I figure we should be ready everyday and any day.  

"Death as my counselor" puts it into perspective for me.
  • If I die today is my soul as it should be? 
  • If I die today is this really important (whatever I am doing -- is it for the Glory of God)
  • If I die tomorrow (next week, in a year, in 30 years, in 50 years) am I doing what I need to do to care for my family and guide them to Heaven?
  • If I die tomorrow will this grievance, anger or fear be important? What should I do to remedy it?
  • If I die soon will my focus for today help or hinder my soul?
  • If I die soon have I done enough for my brothers and sisters or am I putting that off?


Tracy said...

Such a timely reminder.. we don't know the hour or the minute, we need to ask ourselves all the time.. am I ready?? Excellent post!!

Soutenus said...

Thanks Tracy.
Funny, when this philosophy was first suggested to me . . . I found it appalling and morbid. But it really made me think.

I believe it was instrumental in helping me back to the faith of my roots. Once I fully embraced the Catholic Church and accepted her teachings with obedience I realized that the philosophy was no longer morbid or appalling! LOL

Open my eyes Lord!
Praise God.

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