Friday, January 14, 2011

Fight for Your Joy

I find this a helpful way to check myself when I’m tempted to give in. I just say to myself,
“NO. Not today. This is my day to keep that joy, to hold on to the love of Jesus. Today, nothing is going to take that away. I know this situation stinks, but I AM going to fight for my joy. This is MY time; God made me for this situation. I can do this.”
So when you are frustrated, tired, disappointed, struggling—rebel against the world and against the devil.

Fight for your joy.

Full article by Peter Mirus over at Catholic Culture


GrandmaK said...

Excellent advice! Wishing you a grand day! Cathy

Kim said...

oooh... I needed this right at that very moment I found your post... have been feeling down most of the day, and I have been working on being joyful lately, but wasn't
"feeling" it today... now, no one is stealing MY joy either! I'm again looking past this stuff to the love and joy of Jesus... thank you, thank you for posting this!!

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