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The Pro-Love Anti-Prejudice Generation

A huge H/T to LarryD over @ Acts of the Apostacy    Note that bolding is my emphasis.  

First, let's more accurately name this group. They call themselves "The Pro-Love Anti-Prejudice Generation."  I do believe that The Pro-Victimized Anti-Straight Generation is a much better description.  Yep, I think that is much clearer! You tell me.

This group has submitted their latest screed, entitled "The Pro-Love Anti-Prejudice Generation", against the bishops and the Church in the National Catholic Distorter.

Here's the opening paragraph:
The most valuable demographic to the marketing mavens of Madison Avenue is the 18-35 group of Gen. X-ers and Millennials. Now, the leadership of the church is targeting these generations with a marketing blitz to win them to the cause of discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.
Now there's an opening to lay the foundation for common ground and conversation.

Except such folks don't want conversation. They want to treat those who disagree with them in the exact same fashion they have been treated - with shame, scorn and bigotry. Not so "pro-love". It is so important to clarify here that not all those who disagree have treated LGBT people with shame, scorn and/or bigotry. This used to be a simple truth that most people understood and accepted But in today's society if you do not condone you are pegged intolerant.  In today's society those who disagree have been stereotyped as bigoted, prejudiced.
When (and I have asked this many times) did tolerance become synonymous with tacit approval?

This group seeks to trade sin for sin.  
I am not discounting those who have been and are prejudiced and bigoted against homosexuals.  Plenty of Catholics, non-Catholics, Protestants, Jews, agnostics and atheists have been - and continue to be - discriminatory against homosexuals. I'm not making excuses for anyone's sins against their fellow man, gay or straight. Since we belong to the mystical body of Christ, since we are all members of one Body, one person's sin afflicts the entire body. That's a metaphysical theological truth. 

And another truth, one that has been taught since the beginning, is that homosexual acts are immoral, and depending on the individual's disposition, they are mortal sins. The Church, in upholding that teaching, is not being discriminatory or prejudiced. It is an act of love to teach the truth - not an act of bigotry. The Church is acting like a loving parent, maintaining safe boundaries for all Her wayward children.

And, of course, not everyone sees it that way. There are plenty who see the boundaries as unfair and unjust.

The pro-gay crowd believes they are seeking justice, but given the rhetoric on display from coast to coast, and in articles such as this, what they really seek is reparation. 
It would not surprise me if some privately agree with the SLPC's recent list of anti-gay groups, and want to have them identified as 'hate groups'.  It would not surprise me if the more militant members among them desire an eye for an eye - maybe even two eyes, an ear and a few fingers for an eye. Again - not so "pro-love".

So they enlist focus groups and polls in order to make their case, and they use the data to (hopefully) wear down the bishops and win support for their cause. They might win support, but as for the Church changing Her teaching? Not gonna happen. Marriage will be taught as one man + one woman, and homosexual acts will still be intrinsically evil. That's just the way it will be.

When faith is reduced to politics and marketing, you end up with ideology and preferences. You end up with consensus. But you rarely, if ever, end up with Truth. And you ultimately end up with zero faith.

Such folks are unwilling to rise out of the muck and mire of sin - rather, they want everyone else down there with them. But Christ came to save us from our sin, not tell us it was okay to wallow there in misery. And that's the ironic thing - even if they get their way on the issue of so-called gay marriage, they'll still be in misery.

Larry's blog, Acts of the Apostasy, is well worth the visit. I have quoted his post (w/ slight editing) here - in full - because it needed no adjustment in my opinion.
No copyright infringement intended. All posts are fully cited for source and author. I have provided links back to the original source whenever possible. This information is for my personal, Faith Formation, Confirmation class, OCIC and homeschool referencing.
I am so very grateful to the authors, website and blog owners for sharing this information, commentary, and knowledge.

I think these two sentences Larry wrote are worth repeating . . .  
(Some) folks are unwilling to rise out of the muck and mire of sin - rather, they want everyone else down there with them. But Christ came to save us from our sin, not tell us it was okay to wallow there in misery.
Check this out - WARNING! you will be shaking your head in disgust at the way this "Reverend" warps Word of God:
 Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Rev. John Makokha, senior pastor of Riruta United Methodist Church in Nairobi, Kenya. He is the African correspondent for Reconciling Ministries Network and the Country Coordinator of Other Sheep Kenya Trust, a faith-based LGBTI organization. John is the Africa Author of Reconciling Ministries Network. He passionately runs educational awareness seminars on human sexuality and gender identity programs to address religious homophobia and transphobia in Kenya with his wife Anne.

You can click on the link (OUTTAKE VOICES™) to hear this interview. This is part of it.

When asked what he thought about American religious leaders' influence on Africa, Makokha stated, 
“I’m really concerned about the American Fundamental Christian leaders who are very, very homophobic. I think what America needs to do is focus on what the bible says about human sexuality and gender identity and maybe try to reach out in Christian awareness and maybe have conferences with Fundamental Christian Religious leaders so they can tone down their red flags on homosexuality. I’m sorry to say it is a big concern in Africa that we respect each other's opinions but the Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian leaders from America have been transporting homophobia to Africa. The best example is the bill in Uganda and even in Kenya and other parts of Africa have been receiving big chunks of money to propagate heterosexuality and propagate homophobia.”


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