Thursday, December 9, 2010

Great Defenders of Catholic Dogmas (a list)

All the great defenders of Catholic dogmas are both saints and doctors of the Church: 

  • St Athanasius manfully defended the deity of Christ
  • St Basil, St Gregory Nazianzus, St John Chrysostom and St Hilary defended the dogma of the Holy Trinity
  • St Basil, in particular, defended the deity of the Holy Spirit
  • St Jerome manfully defended the perpetual virginity of our Lady
  • St Cyril manfully defended Mary as "Mother of God"
  • St Leo manfully defended the humanity of Christ and the hypostatic union of the two natures of Christ
  • St John Damascene manfully defended the images of Christ, Mary, and the Saints   
  • John Duns Scotus manfully defended the doctrine of Mary's Immaculate Conception

Note: All are both saints and Doctors of the Church except John Duns Scotus. Taylor Marshall has a great post on this.  John Duns Scouts - Our Next Saint and Doctor of the Church


Tracy said...

All wonderful defenders!!

Abbey said...

My daughter took a Bible study class on apologetics ... she still has her workbook and we're going to go through it again since I did not attend the class.

Be blessed!

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