Friday, September 10, 2010

One Fine Day . . . .

One day, we're going to stand before the gates of Heaven. Some of us want to be able to walk up there in a white robe singing Abba Father and Amazing Grace and we want to say to the Lord,

"I worshiped You." 
But I want you to think about this:

Here's the way I want to enter the gates of Heaven. I want to come in skidding on all fours. I want to be slipping and sliding with momentum and I want to hit the gates of heaven with a bang. And when I stand up before Christ,  I want there to be blood on my knees and my elbows. I want to be covered with mud.
I want to be standing there with a ragged breast plate of righteousness and a spear in my hand. And I want to say,
"Look at me, Jesus. I've been in the battle. I've been fighting for you.

H/T: Katie Sofio (teacher extraordinaire!)

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