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What Does Scripture Tell us About Contraception

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Prior to 1930, every single Christian denomination held contraception to be sin for married couples.
  • The Anglican Church stated in that year that in certain circumstances it could be considered permissible. 
  • The Fathers of the Protestant reformation held contraception to be a sin: 
  • Calvin said that is should be condemned as monstrous, 
  • Wesley held that it was very displeasing to God, while 
  • Luther claimed it was worse than incest and adultery. 

In the book of Genesis, we read about Onan who was struck dead by God for his contraceptive act.
Contraception denies the very image of God in man. The one flesh union is unique to marriage. Jesus stated, “What God has put together, let no man separate.” God created us male and female and physically together we image God. God is a family in the trinity.

Contraception leads to radical sexual individualism. The opposite of love is not hate, but self love, individualism, the denial of being created in a relationship. The family is the basic unit of society. It places us towards love, forgiveness. It is the incubator of love. The communion of persons brings us out of ourselves and into the gift of self. Fertility is the challenge to love. It is a call to love. In a relationship we are open to being hurt. Those who sterilise cut out the challenge to love and to follow the invitation to “Be fruitful and multiply.” Contraception is a yes to one's own individualism.

The creation of the universe was a result of the fruitful love of God. God wants us to be fruitful. Married sex is designed to be a reflection of the trinity. The Holy Spirit proceeds from the father and son. The Holy Spirit is the actual love of father to the son. This love is so really that it is actually another person in the Holy Spirit. This is also reflected in us. Physical love sometimes has be named nine months later with the birth of a child. Spouses share in the image of the trinity. A man shall leave father and mother and cling to a wife and become one flesh.

As sexuality is meant to be unitative, sexual individualism brings hell to earth. Satan's desire for sex is for it to be fruitless. Satan wants things to be devastating and fruitless. Contraception is a key tool of the devil to distort relationships and take away men from God. There are good reasons to postpone babies as we are all called to responsible parenthood. But we cannot distort the icon of the trinity on earth and have good things derive from it. The result of  the mentality of “I can do what I want in my marriage” has brought a wealth of social problems. Since the introduction of the pill, divorces have tripled, cohabitation has soared along with abortion and adultery. Knowledge of sterility brings greater temptation towards adultery and divorce. One man said, “Suicide is worse than murder. When you kill yourself you kill the whole world. When you sterilise yourself, you sterilises the whole world.”

A marriage is not a marriage unless you consummate it. One cannot do this with a condom. When Adam rejoiced “Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh” he saw in him another person who he could share his life with intimately. In a one flesh union until death, contraceptive acts in marriage are like little divorces. Marriages that don't have children early in marriage, are more likely to have divorces. The divorce rate has paralleled with the rate of contraception. A condom separates the one flesh union. Jesus said that what God joins together, no man should separate.

The pill tells women that they are not complete. They are weak, deficient, diseased if they need a pill every single day. It denies the unique aspect of being a woman and trying to bring life into the world. Sex is meant to have a procreative aspect and share in the co-creative capacities of God.

Freud, a man who was certainly not a friend of Christianity, said that a characteristic common to all perversions was when reproduction is put to one side. This puts contraceptive gratification in this category.
Margaret Sanger knew what birth control would do to marriage, family and the Church. She looked forward to seeing society free from the tyranny of Christianity because she knew that birth control would undermine the authority of the Christian Churches. Hell is radical individualism. It is when everyone lives folded within himself. Everyone lives in profound solitude. When we choose this, we choose our own hell.

Overall, contraception does nothing positive to the sexual act. As a form of radical sexual individualism, it takes couples further away from each other and damages the unitative aspect of intercourse.
It brings selfishness, the enemy of true love into a relationship and divides the purposes of sex: babies and bonding into two separate categories. But there is good news: natural fertility awareness is a positive alternative to the practice of contraception.


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Great post. The more I read about the churches teachings against contraception, the more I know she is absolutely right on this.

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