Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Contraception & the Language of the Body

What is the language expressed during sexual intercourse? It is the body that says: ‘I give myself to you completely, holding nothing back’ The complete gift of self is given in the most intimate of embraces. There is a sense of vulnerability and full acceptance of the other as two become one.
What does contraception do to that language? Protection is normally something you need against an enemy, not your most closely beloved spouse. Contraception brings the idea of holding something back, namely your fertility from the total gift of self. It treats fertility as some form of disease to be avoided at all costs. Instead, it hinders romance turning the act of love into a barren exploit.
In a word, contraception makes us think there is something deficient with the normal and natural functioning of our reproductive organs. We use the action and then purge out the effects, just like bulimia. If the purpose of sexual intercourse is babies and bonding, this twin purpose is divided and spat out. It is as if we are saying: “I will be the ultimate arbiter of how and when life begins, despite my actions.” In our quest to be permanently in control, we sterilize the most special moments when new life is being welcomed into the world. 
In a word, we lie with our bodies. With our bodies, we say, “I welcome new life into the world.” With our actions, what we really are thinking, “If you get pregnant, I want an abortion.” This leads to a division of the integrity of the act.

SOURCE: http://loveundefiled.blogspot.com/2009/11/contraception-and-language-of-body.html 

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