Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Catholic Answers LIVE

Catholic Answers Live on Catholic  Radio!   You can even listen on-line.

"Catholic Answers LIVE" is a two-hour call-in show that airs live at 
          6 pm - 8 pm Eastern 
          5 pm - 7 pm Central
          4 pm -6 pm Mountain
          3 pm - 5 pm Pacific
 Monday through Friday. Your local broadcast time may vary due to tape delays (see the station list, below).
    • Listen Live by clicking "Live" in the left-hand margin.
    • For listening to archived shows:
      • Click on "View Calendar" in the left-hand margin.
      • Our calendar will appear. Choose the month and year from the drop-down boxes at the top of the calendar.
      • Once you are in the proper month and year, click on the show you are interested in. A window will appear with the show information.
      • Scroll down to see the various listening options.
      • "Listen Real" allows you to listen to any archived show from your computer in Real Audio format. To learn how to use Real Audio, go here.
      • "Download Real" allows you to download the show and save it on your computer for later listening.
      • "Listen MP3" allows you to listen to any archived show from your computer in MP3 format. If you want to save the file on your computer for later listening, right-click the link and select "Save Target As."
    • For finding topics or guests you are interested in from archived shows:
      • From the Radio Calendar, go to the calendar menu on the right and click "Search."
      • There you can search for a show by title, description (use a key word such as confession, home schooling, or liturgy), guest, or date.

  2. SATELLITE DISH: Tune your dish to satellite G-1, transponder 11. An analog feed is at 5.4 audio and a digital feed is at 951 audio.

  3. SATELLITE RADIO: Satellite radio provider, Sirius (web site: www.sirius.com), now carries EWTN on their channel 160. "Catholic Answers LIVE" can be heard live across the United States at 3 PM Pacific (6 PM Eastern) and on tape at 12 AM Pacific (3 AM Eastern).

  4. AM/FM RADIO: You can listen to "Catholic Answers LIVE" on a growing number of local AM or FM radio stations.

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