Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Types of Couples


"Mom, you know, there are two types of couples . . . . 

There are the opposites - they fill in each other's gaps.
There are the ones that are the same - they just bond because they go together.

He'd caught me off guard . . . . .  I pondered his 10 year old wisdom for a minute or two.
"Where did you hear that," I asked.
"No where," he said. "I have just been thinking about it."

Then curiosity got the best of me and I asked,  "What are Daddy and I?"

Without missing a beat he said, "You guys are the gap fillers."

Yep, he is exactly right. :-)


GrandmaK said...

OH YES!!!! The wisdom of youth!!! He has the makings of a philosopher!!! Brilliant, yes, brilliant! Have a wonderful day!!! Cathy

Lisa said...

Oh, wow, what a thinker! He's right, too! (My sweetie and I are gap-fillers, too. :)

Soutenus said...

Thanks for stopping by!

I love that he comes up with this stuff . . . . and usually just when I am not so sure he's paying attention. LOL!
I think he is often paying attention to something other than what Mom expects.

Alexandra said...

That's cute! So true too.

Dawn said...

How sweet! What a smart young man you have!

bridget {bake at 350} said...

Whoa....deep thoughts from kiddo! That's impressive!

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