Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nancy Pelosi v. The Catholic Church

Ok, so the music is a bit hokey and the "replays" are a tad theatrical BUT this is a wonderful gathering of very important quotes (with responses). It is refreshing to watch because it cuts to the chase.
I thank Abbey for posting this.
I almost didn't watch it because of the regular (Soutenus excuses) reasons:
 . . . . don't have time . . . . . don't want to listen to anything Pelosi says . . . . . can't handle the subject right now . . . . .
Obviously I did watch. You should, too :-)

Let's all pray that we know and act on what God calls each of us to do to fight such evil.


Abbey said...

I know exactly where you are coming from. I cannot stand the woman and I get my bristles up just thinking that she "is" a practicing Catholic ... but, 'tis best to give it to God and keep this in my prayers, mostly prayer for the unborn who have no say. It is not for me to judge her, but I can have a say-so about killing innocent unborn fetuses with MY MONEY!!

Soutenous, bottom line, she will face her Maker as will all of this world, and I KNOW that He will do what is right and just in accordance with His Word. That is enough for me, really.

Love you, honey-pie! You are so wise!

~Joseph the Worker said...

Abbey has some good thoughts. We should always keep praying for Pelosi herself as well. It's really sad to hear her invoking my patron saint in her morally inappropriate quest.

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