Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A CALL TO ACTION: Support the Superbowl Pro-Life Ad

Support the Tebow Pro-Life ad by contacting Sean J. McManus.  sjmcmanus@cbs.com
It is a Focus on the Family ad. 

McManus is the President of CBS News and Sports 
And/or call 212-975-4321

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and this:
You knew it would come to this when Tim Tebow and his mother Pam entered the nasty, divisive world of partisan politics.
   Now they are being “Swiftboated” by pro-choice attorney and activist Gloria Allred, who has all but painted Pam Tebow as a liar for claiming doctors in the Philippines recommend she undergo an abortion when she was pregnant with Tim.  Allred uses the argument that abortions were illegal at the time in the Philippines and therefore the Tebow’s pro-life Super Bowl commercial on CBS is “misleading advertising.”
   By now you know the Tebow’s story: Pam Tebow was doing missionary work in the Philippines in 1987 when she was pregnant with Tim and contracted an illness known as amoebic dysentery. The sickness was so serious, doctors told her the fetus could be deformed and advised her to get an abortion. Pam Tebow opted against the abortion and gave birth to a baby that turned out to be one of the greatest college football players of all-time.
   Here is Pam Tebow’s account as given to the Gainesville Sun:
   Pam Tebow fell into a coma after contracting amoebic dysentery, a bacteria transmitted through contaminated drinking water. During her recovery, she received a series of strong medications. And even though she discontinued the regimen when she discovered the pregnancy, doctors told Pam the fetus had been damaged. … Doctors later told Pam that her placenta had detached from the uterine wall, a condition known as placental abruption, which can deprive the fetus of oxygen and nutrients. Doctors expected a stillbirth, Pam said, and they encouraged her to terminate the pregnancy.”
   “They thought I should have an abortion to save my life from the beginning all the way through the seventh month,” Pam said. “We were grieved. And so my husband just prayed that if the Lord would give us a son, that he would let us raise him.”
   Although Allred claims she isn’t questioning the truthfulness Pam Tebow’s story, she really is. Allred told MSNBC, “She (Pam Tebow) could have gone to prison for two to 6 years if she’d had an abortion” (in the Philippines). I think the ad should reveal that abortion was illegal at the time.”
   Allred also wrote a letter to CBS, in which she said, “No sugar coated religiously inspired ad which fails to give all of the relevant facts should be permitted to air on CBS or anywhere else. If this ad airs and fails to disclose that abortions were illegal at the time Ms. Tebow made her ‘choice,’ then I intend to file a formal complaint of misleading advertising with those federal commissions.”
   My take: Allred should be ashamed of herself. Pam Tebow said doctors recommended she should get an abortion.  She never said doctors recommended she should get an abortion in the Philippines. The fact is Pam Tebow is an American citizen and could have easily flown back to the United States to get an abortion at any number of abortion clinics throughout this country. She chose not to.
   For Gloria Allred to try and “Swiftboat” Pam Tebow by questioning the honesty of her story is political partisanship at its ugliest and dirtiest.
SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel

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