Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Disappointing ruling on the Oklahoma Ban of Abortions Based Solely on the Sex of the Unborn Child.

Oklahoma District Judge, Daniel Owens, Strikes Down State Law Banning Sex-Selective Abortion.

Please keep praying for the recognition of the sanctity of life.  And, kindly add a prayer for my friend, Teresa Collett, the special assistant attorney general who defended the law on the state's behalf.
The law would have prohibited abortion solely because of the fetus' sex . . . .

Reactions to Ruling
Lora Joyce Davis -- represented by the Center for Reproductive Rights --  said, "I am disappointed to hear all this rhetoric about gender and sex-selective abortions. That's the most ridiculous and insulting thing to say to Oklahoma voters." 
Jennifer Mondino, an attorney for CRR, said, "The government has no business running a grand inquisition into the private lives of Oklahoma women" (Oklahoman, 2/20).

Teresa Collett
-- the special assistant attorney general who defended the law on the state's behalf -- said, "We're disappointed that any court could interpret the state constitution as a barrier to aborting a child because of the sex." Collett said she would consult with regulatory bodies who were defendants in the suit before determining whether to appeal.
Tony Lauinger, state chair of Oklahomans for Life, said that the topics included in the law all dealt with "the same subject [of abortion], and we are disappointed with the conclusion that was reached"
(AP/Muskogee Phoenix, 2/20).

In August 2009, another Oklahoma judge struck down an anti-abortion law. One of the law's most controversial components was a requirement that a woman receive an ultrasound at least one hour before an abortion, with the image made available for viewing. The decision has been appealed to the state Supreme Court (Clay/McNutt, Oklahoman, 2/20).

AP/Muskogee Phoenix

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Abbey said...

HOW TRAGIC! This makes me want to cry a river! If there were NO ABORTIONS, they wouldn't even be debating this issues. Precious God, PLEASE help us to STOP KILLING THE BABIES!

Thank you, Soutenous, for posting this. As horrid as it is, we need to know what is going on in this country.



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