Friday, January 15, 2010

Unearned Suffering is Redemptive

Who do you think said that?  This is a re-post so maybe you will even remember the right answer?

Pope Benedict?
My parish priest?

St. Augustine?

No, no and no again. (Actually, they may well have said this but I am referring to someone else. A Protestant, actually)

The person who said it would have made a darn good Catholic! (a personal note here to Jo -- no, it wasn't Matt!)

It was said by a man who was killed in 1968.
It was said by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (in his I Have a Dream speech -- at about the 11:36 minute mark)


This man had a dream that (among many things) one day Protestants and Catholics would stand hand in hand against injustice. (minute marker 17:05)

King’s life and struggle embodied our church’s social teaching, and how his memory presents us today with a challenge to carry on the struggle against racism, poverty and war wherever they exist.

Full transcript and partial video clip here.



GrandmaK said...

I really believe this and find it hard to believe that so many people are suggesting that the suffering of mankind is I punishment for evil. Indeed, our Savior had to suffer to redeem us and had no sin. Of those who suggest that the earthquake in Haiti is punishment for the sins of this people, I suggest they look inward and see who it is that allows their redemption through their suffering. The suffering of the Savior is something we too often take for granted and don't often want to think about because it does and should cause us pain to understand how much he did SUFFER for us. Through redemption these people are saved, too. Why must some people "cast stone?" Thank you for this post. I have rambled enough...Not sure if it really makes any sense to you. I just believe that God suffers when we suffer...

God Bless you this Day!! Cathy

Tracy said...


Soutenus said...

Dear Cathy,
You make total sense to me! Thanks for the comment. :-)

Abbey said...

I understand what Cathy is saying. It is hard for me to bite my tongue when I hear such judgment spoken so casually all around me. The casting of stones is something that we probably all do without thinking at times, but in the face of such humanity and loss of life, how can ANYONE be so thoughtless?

Another wonderful post, Soutenous.


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