Sunday, January 16, 2011

Obsessions & Keeping Vigil for God

Some of us are obsessed with beauty, some of us are obsessed with finding a soulmate, some of us are obsessed with physical pleasures, some of us are obsessed with truth, some of us are obsessed with justice, and some of us are obsessed with the energy, color, and mysteries  of this world. 

But very few of us are obsessed, or even much interested, in God who is the author of beauty, intimacy, truth, justice, energy, color, and pleasure.  

Why aren't we more interested in the One of which these things are only a pale reflection?"

Our souls too thirst for God and they keep vigil for God, even though mostly we are unaware of it.

But we never really understand this. If we did, we would, like the saints and mystics of old, become obsessed with God, instead of being obsessed only with what we find attractive here on earth. 

paraphrased from & inspired by an article I read at  Blue Eyed Ennis

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Abbey said...

Found myself wondering what my "obssessions" are ... WORRY ... did God create worry? No. He did give us Faith, which should foreshadow worry ... I'm a work in progress, and I know I have a long way to go. What would I do with my time if not for the time worry takes from me. Oh the ideas!!

Abbey ♥

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