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Create Your Own Jesse Tree

Everything you need for your Jesse Tree can usually be found around your home.

We have enjoyed following Holy Heros Advent Adventure while creating our Jesse Tree. Our other resource has been,  The Diocese of Bath & Wells (in the UK).

First of all, you will need a BIBLE. If there are very small children in the family, a Bible picture story book will help them understand the Bible stories used.

The TREE itself can be limited only to your creativity and materials on hand.

  • A small artificial tree works well.
  • A tree branch that is anchored in a bucket or a large can of sand or gravel is an easy & fun choice. The tree branch looks particularly attractive if painted white and sprinkled with silver glitter while the paint is still wet.
  • A large drawing of a tree on cardboard or poster board that can be hung on the wall is another possibility
  • Last year we used a felt tree.
  • This year we found a tree shaped ornament holder at our local Salvation Army. I think that this one is a keeper!

The third thing needed is a set of ORNAMENTS to hang on the tree. I think these are best if they are homemade by your family.

We made a trip to Michaels and The Salvation Army Store this year.
We found little gold ornament balls and paint markers at Michaels - grand total there was: $15.00

3 packs of 12 ornaments @ $2.00each = $6.00
3 markers @ $3.00 each = $9.00
We found our actual "tree" at the Salvation Army for $2.50
So, our Jesse Tree was $17.50.
Remember, you CAN do this for free . . . . we just decided to splurge a bit this year.

JESSE TREE ORNAMENTS If you decide to use one symbol each day during December, there are (a fairly "standard") 24 symbolic ornaments to make for your Jesse Tree, so each family member will need to make several. You might also choose to start on the first Sunday of Advent. Count your days and plan accordingly :-)

Making the ornaments is a good project for Sunday afternoons during Advent. We homeschool so we weave time for an ornament a day into lessons. On weekends we look forward to it just because we love it!

  1. First read the Scripture verses for the day. 
  2. Pick out one or two short verses that give the main idea. 
  3. Copy these verses on the back of the ornament. 
  4. Choose a way to illustrate your Scripture verses. There are many templates online if you need some help.
Use lots of creativity in making your ornament!

  • You can use pictures from magazines or old greeting cards. 
  • Draw pictures or symbols yourself.
  • Color them with crayons, pencils, markers or paint.
  • Look around the house for bits and pieces that will make your design beautiful!
JESSE TREE SCRIPTURES (The symbols are only suggestions - using the 1 a day for December plan)
December 1 Creation: Gen. 1:1-31; 2:1-4  
Symbols: sun, moon, stars, animals, earth

December 2 Adam and Eve: Gen. 2:7-9, 18-24
Symbols: tree, man, woman

December 3 Fall of Man: Gen. 3:1-7 and 23-24  
Symbols: tree, serpent, apple with bite

December 4 Noah: Gen. 6:5-8, 13-22; 7:17, 23, 24; 8:1, 6-22  
Symbols: ark, animals, dove, rainbow

December 5 Abraham: Gen. 12:1-3  
Symbols: torch, sword, mountain

December 6 Isaac: Gen. 22:1-14  
Symbols: bundle of wood, altar, ram in bush

December 7 Jacob: Gen. 25:1-34; 28:10-15  
Symbols: kettle, ladder

December 8 Joseph: Gen. 37:23-28; 45:3-15  
Symbols: bucket, well, silver coins, tunic

December 9 Moses: Ex. 2:1-10 Symbols:
baby in basket, river and rushes

December 10 Samuel: 1 Sam. 3:1-18  
Symbols: lamp, temple

December 11 Jesse: 1 Sam. 16:1-13
Symbols: crimson robe, shepherd's staff

December 12 David: 1 Sam. 17:12-51
Symbols: slingshot, 6-pointed star

December 13 Solomon: 1 Kings 3:5-14, 16-28
Symbols: scales of justice, temple, two babies and sword

December 14 Joseph: Matt. 1:18-25
Symbols: hammer, saw, chisel, angle

December 15 Mary: Matt. 1:18-25; Luke 1:26-38
Symbols: lily, crown of stars, pierced heart

December 16 John the Baptist: Mark 1:1-8  
Symbols: shell with water, river

On December 17, the Church begins to intensify the preparation for Christmas with the use of the "O" Antiphons during the Liturgy of the Hours. The symbols for the Jesse Tree from December 17 to 23 are based on the "O" Antiphons.

December 17 Jesus is Wisdom: Sirach (or Ecclesiasticus in old Bibles) 24:2; Wisdom 8:1  
Symbols: oil lamp, open book

December 18 Jesus is Lord: Ex. 3:2; 20:1  
Symbols: burning bush, stone tablets

December 19 Jesus is Flower of Jesse: Isaiah 11:1-3  
Symbols: flower, plant with flower

December 20 Jesus is Key of David: Isaiah 22:22  
Symbols: key, broken chains

December 21 Jesus is the Radiant Dawn: Psalm 19:6-7 (in older Bibles this will be Psalm 18) Symbols: sun rising or high in sky

December 22 Jesus is King of the Gentiles: Psalm 2:7-8; Ephesians 2:14-20  
Symbols: crown, scepter

December 23 Jesus is Emmanuel: Isaiah 7:14; 33:22
Symbols: tablets of stone, chalice and host

December 24 Jesus is Light of the World: John 1:1-14
Symbols: candle, flame, sun

Holy Heros Advent Adventures
Diocese of Bath & Wells
Jesse Tree Kit, A by Betsy Walter, Pauline Books and Media, Boston, MA, 1983

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