Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Collection for CCHD in Your Parish -- Be Informed

Rob Gasper, from BellarmineVeritasMinistry.org, and Michael Hitchborne, from American Life League, were guests of Raymond Arroyo on EWTN’s “The World Over Live”.

They were discussing the misguided funding, from Catholics in the USA, of non-Catholic groups, who support abortion, homosexual “marriage”, contraception, and more, by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

For more information on the effort check out ReformCCHDnow.com.

Here is a copy of the email that brought my attention to this matter:


Please take a moment to view the short video with some information regarding the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and some new developments and information that is already publically available but thanks in large part to our very own homeschooling Dad, Rob Gasper (www.bellarmineveritasministry.org) and others such as American Life League who are working very hard in this most important matter. These matters extend well beyond ACORN. Please Be Informed!

It is great that there is a call and that there are folks who are working behind this call for a reform in the granting process so as to ensure our money DOES NOT go to organizations that work AGAINST the Church. On www.reformcchdnow.com you will also find a very tastefully put together coupon that you may print out and place in the CCHD collection envelope rather than money this month.

Please also visit www.bellarmineveritasministry.org for some well organized information and factual responses that WILL answer many questions.

Also, you can visit my husband's website where he has posted a link to the interview on EWTN's "The World Over Live" with guest- our very own BOL homeschooling dad Rob Gasper (www.bellarmineveritasministry.org) and Michael Hitchborne of American Life League. I've posted a link for your convenience. http://bit.ly/ XAQnS

Remember friends that we should also remain in prayer regarding this matter so there will peace in healing for those who will feel divided or even scandalized over this matter and for a reform on the granting process so as to ensure the Lord's money does not go to any organization that works against His Church.
Lord please also keep and protect those (and their families) who are working on the front lines on this battle field, Amen.

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