Friday, October 23, 2009

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Is anyone familiar with these products?

 Friendly Defenders Catholic apologetics flash cards, Matthew Pinto, Catholic Church

Friendly Defenders - Catholic Apologetics Flash Cards

The Friendly Defenders Catholic Apologetics Flash Cards help you "train up your child" so that he or she will never stray from the faith of the Catholic Church. The 50 cards offer short, pithy answers to common objections people have to the Catholic faith. Great for teens, but fun and useful for all ages.

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 Then and Now Bible Maps & Atlas book of Bible Lands in Bible Times

Then and Now Bible Maps Book--User-friendly Bible Atlas of Bible Times and Bible Lands

Take an exciting journey back in time through the various places and events of the Bible throught is extraordinary Bible Atlas! Here you will encounter colorful, user-friendly maps which show the political and religious development of the Holy Land, with helpful explanations of what was happening and why. Recently revised to reflect The Great Adventure Bible Timeline system, this book will be a powerful tool in discovering the riches of Bible history.

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 Friendly Defenders Catholic Flash Cards

Friendly Defenders 2 - Catholic Flash Cards

Building on the success of Friendly Defenders - we are pleased to offer Friendly Defenders2! In this new set of Catholic Flash Cards, kids will learn answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions about God, Jesus, the Bible, the Catholic Church, the Afterlife, and more. Each card includes an inspirational verse and a list of relevant Bible verses and Catechism references.

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Anonymous said...

Why, yes. I purchased the Catholic Defenders cards for my kids, particularly for those who are 7 and up, though the 4 year old loves them as well even if she cannot yet read them. I highly recommend them.

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