Sunday, October 4, 2009

We Didn't Start the Fire - Church History in 4 Minutes


GrandmaK said...

Well, done. Cathy

Janet said...

I made this video as a gift for our senior pastor when he finished a 21 week sermon series on church history.... Thanks for the repost!


Soutenus said...

Janet! I am so glad you commented.
I found this on YouTube and asked this question:
"Is there anyway I could get a copy of the transcript of the script?"

I would also like to give you full credit as creator. Can I link back to your site or blog?

It is an awesome video!

Janet said...

Thanks so much!.... I originally posted this on my blog --

And my pastor has asked for a captioned version, so I am working on that, and will post when I finally finish!

Thanks again for the repost and the kind words!


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