Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No, Mr. President

This is a wonderful YouTube video of a Baptist sermon on abortion and President Obama. John Piper is the preacher and he delivers this message spot on.
I found it via Fallible Blogma and I whole-heartedly agree that it’s a good reminder that the pro-life cause can be a great unifying instrument between Catholics and many other non-Catholic Christians. We need to continue to pray for more such unity.

FYI – It appears Pastor John Piper does some other good work, too, although I think John Calvin is his pope and he certainly misunderstands and misrepresents the Catholic Church in some of his work.
I did really enjoy listening to this sermon though – thank you, Fallible Blogma who credits "John"!

source: http://www.fallibleblogma.com/index.php/video-no-mr-president/

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