Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Depravity Always Casts Itself as Liberation

"Depravity always casts itself as liberation and it's always just sadness and chains. I suspect the day will come when every single form of aberrant behavior in the world will be declared a "sexual orientation". From murder to theft to graffiti to double parking, somebody will explain that they need to do it to find fulfillment and happiness as a person."
Bolding is my emphasis but the quote is from Catholic and Enjoying It, by Mark P. Shea. His post, You Want to Think This is a Gag links to an article called, Inanimate Attachment - Love Objects
The article starts like this:
"Objectum sexuals experience intense emotional connections with everyday things – bridges, stereos, the Eiffel Tower. Some even get 'married.' It's not a fetish, they say, but a sexual orientation."

Read the rest if you have the stomach for it. I offer this advice, "You have to laugh or you will cry (or throw up)."

As Mark says, ". . . even if it is (a gag), it's still depressing because of the fool writing this article who obviously takes it all very seriously as Cutting Edge Stuff."

Here are the comments, so far, over at Shea's blog. They are very funny!

'Amy Marsh, a clinical sexologist in San Francisco who has been working with the OS community, says it's a sexual orientation and part of the continuum of a human's connection with objects.'

A good rule of thumb to live by: Never trust a 'sexologist'.

I'm in love with your Rolex. Who are you to separate us because of your petty property rights?

Don't tell my vacuum cleaner I'm cheating on it with the mail box.

A mail box?!! That's just sick!

I was well into my 30s before someone explained to me that the common Monty Python joke about men performing sex acts "with a melon" was not just a bizarre joke.

Of course it took an Englishman to explain to me how it's done.

I remember jokes about people like these going to the psychiatrist...

So, we have to revise the old punchline.

Psychiatrist: "A male mailbox or a female mailbox?"

Client: "Well, a female mailbox, of course! What do you think I am, a pervert?"

I find it interesting that Ms. Eiffel is from San Francisco.

People have always been fond of various objects. But never before in human history did they think to themselves, "Oh, I'm in love with this guitar because I like it".

How sad is it, that these people can't distinguish, or that they have no proper set of boundaries? And how much sadder is it, that a shrink would figure these people don't need help?

"Oh, it's okay if you bleed all the time, as long as the wound is shallow enough that it doesn't kill you and you don't actually drip blood on others."

Oh, it's okay if you bleed all the time, as long as the wound is shallow enough that it doesn't kill you and you don't actually drip blood on others.

Well, I think they might insist that the bleeding turn you on.

When I was a kid, if we commented, "Oh, I love horses" or "I love this doll!" our smart alek friends would say, "Then why don't you marry one!"

Um...none of them actually MEANT that!

I find it interesting that the "mental health professionals" are completely igoring the primary diagnosis for each of these people, as well as their history which clearly set them up for perversion.


By the way, I'm going to marry coffee tomorrow, and you're all invited. But you can't have ANY because I'm keeping my coffee all to myself. We have a relationship, you see...

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