Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Recycle! Re-Use! Re-Create! Plastic Bag Creations

Recycle! Re-Use! Re-Create! (Cross posted @ The Best Nest)

The first step is to make plarn. Yep, you read that correctly, plarn.

Plarn is the term used to describe the yarn that can be made from recycling plastic bags. The link with the best description and pictures, in my opinion, is Making Plarn.

After the light bulb goes off and you are thinking, I get it! Try making one long strand of Plarn -- cool!

Working w/ Plarn - Hints and Tips!

Can't crochet? Learn how to fusing a few plastic grocery bags together to use in crafting. Plastic Bag Fusing


GrandmaK said...

Very Interesting!!!!

~Joseph the Worker said...

I need to start sending you our recycling every week!

Bia said...

My sil just gave me a purse that was made of grocery labels, weaved together with tiny squares. It's a definite conversation piece.

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