Thursday, August 21, 2008

Personal Update

Hi guys,
First of all, TU to RCM for her prayers and request for prayers. News got to her very quickly through some fellow bloggers from Vox Nova, I think.

My husband had a serious heart attack on Tuesday (that sounds so silly -- like it implies some heart attacks aren't serious??)
We have been blessed with amazing friends and many prayers - but as you know, more prayers are always good. If you feel inclined to say a prayer for him I would be ever so grateful. He is home as of today and resting beautifully. He is doing way better than a few days ago!

Tomorrow (Friday) we are also supposed to hear back from mitigators we have hired to handle a mistake our mortgage company made. The mistake on American Home Mortgage's (formally Option One) part may well cost us our home (and the equity, albeit small, our hard earned equity, none the less). NOTE on FRIDAY -- they called and said no news til Monday. This is the 2nd delay. The house we have set up as a back up place to live (owner finance) we will now lose. They have held it now a week over the first deadline.
I have to keep reminding myself to let go and let God.

I thank and praise God for sparing my husband's life here on earth. Having more time together is a truly precious gift. That is the most important and wonderful thing. But I admit, I am fretting a bit about this mortgage situation. I am SURE the stress had much to do with my husband's heart attack. If you want to add a prayer that God help us handle whatever comes our way -- I would greatly appreciate it.

School (I am a teacher @ a Catholic school) started this week -- I suspect with all that is going on I will post lightly for a little while. When I get into the timing of my fall schedule, work out the nuances of cardiac therapy and plans for future procedures, and find out about the house . . . then I hope to post more frequently.

I am praying for my blogging friends and readers -- that's YOU.
God bless you and yours.

In Christ,

ps) Grandma K asked a good question about the diesel converted to vegetable oil car. The information about the car engines fueled by vegetable oil is at one of my other blogs, The Best Nest Here is the direct link.


Therese said...

Many prayers for your husband and that everything gets worked out with your mortgage. I will add your husband to my prayer blog, Mary's Prayer Garden.

GrandmaK said...

My prayers for Tom that he may recover soon. My prayers too for your successful mitigation of your loan. May the Spirit be your guide, protector and consoler. God bless you abundantly with his grace and I know those kids you have in school this year will be most privileged to have you as their teacher!!!! Cathy

Oh! Thanks for the diesel info!

Bia said...

I knew something was going on when you hadn't posted in a while. Please know that your husband will be in our prayers as he recovers, and we will pray for a quick resolution on the mortgage problems.

This must be such a difficult time for you and your family...if I lived close by I would bring over a meal. But since I can't, here's a virtual one:

Chicken piccata with lemon wedges
tomato/cucumber salad
assorted cheeses
crusty bread
apple tart
red wine/iced tea

Bia & Family

bilbannon said...

My brother recently also had a heart attack for the first time and his new diet makes the Trappists and the Camaldolese hermit meals look like gourmand fare. I'll be praying for your husband and will lump him in prayer with my brother as long as he does not mind being lumped spiritually. I think the mortgage people will help since no parties want defaults in these areas.

Your husband must obey the doctor despite the boredom of such diets. He can become an expert at using herbs and veggies to spice up the egg beaters if he is allowed the egg beaters (salt therein?)...perhaps making his own whites only eggs would be better as to no salt at all. As to herbs....tell him not to overpay too quick...e.g....for cardamom pods...$10 a jar in one place and $3 in another in coffee and so very skippable but watch prices in general. Salt is ubiquitous in jarred foods and that is going to restrict him.
I was in a gourmet store in Hoboken yesterday and there is an incredible variety of veggies and fruits in such stores and they can introduce new palate adventures for him...if you are not near one, the net must have them with quick delivery.

Alexandra said...

Prayers for fast healing!

Marie said...


I do hope and pray your hubby is recovering well will keep you both in my prayers:)

Peace to you


Esther said...

S. I am praying for you both.

ukok said...

Praying here in England, for your husband and for you and for your mortgage situation.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe doctors are still prescribing diets with eggbeaters. egg cholesterol does not cause heart attacks. does not cause plaque build up in arteries. please read jordan rubin's the maker's diet or the great physicians prescription for health and wellness. 90% of doctors receive no education in nutrition in med school. the med schools are funded by the pharmaceutical companies therefore there is no focus on truly healthy preventative nutrition. if God intended us to eat eggs without yolk, he would not have put the yolk in the egg. if he intended us to drink skim milk, the milk would come from the cow that way. egg yolks and dairy products are healthy IF they are raised correctly. grass fed dairy as opposed to corn fed, IS healthy. pastured poultry IS healthy. it's what we are doing to the animals that makes them less than healthy for us. and man made oils (canola, vegetable) are not healthy whereas coconut and olive oil are - man made sweeteners (aspartame, saccarin, splenda) are deadly, while honey and stevia are not. please read up on what is truly healthy on sites such as or eatwild.comb or read about born again jordan rubin's word from God to eat from the Bible after he almost died a decade ago. read about healthy eating along with the testimony of richard morris who lost over 150 lbs not by avoiding fat but by eating grass fed meat and dairy, coconut oil and of course vegies. the bible tells us to avoid pork and shellfish as they are living sewage (pork has worms no matter how it's raised). the bible does not tell us not to eat diary or eggs. abraham even fed the angel of the Lord dairy and calf meat. it's what we do to the food, not the food.


Anonymous said...

i plead the blood of Jesus the Christ over your husband and your mortgage situation. we have been through this as well. God is wonderful. he blessed us above what we could have imagined in our crisis. just trust Him.


Soutenus said...

Thank you for all of your kind comments and especially for your prayers. God bless you and yours.

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