Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Church of Oprah

This makes me so sad.
I have used the label "root sins" to help me find this post later. What root sins?

  • Pride (obvious)
  • Sloth (passive receptiveness to this "popular" entertainer)
It seems to me that the typical Protestant pattern sets people up for this path to such delusions. If your "pastor" says something you disagree with, leave, find another way. If you do not "feel" it is right then it must not be right. How many Protestant sects are there now? How many more are being started each year?
I am so grateful for The Church. I am so grateful for our doctrines and guidance by The Holy Spirit. I am so happy to be preparing for the celebration of Pentecost.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us.


Mary Rose said...

I do not like Oprah mainly for this reason. She pushes a New Age agenda and even good Christian women are being duped. What was interesting was that I even bought that book "A New Earth" to see what it was all about since there was such a buzz.

After the third week, I was just overcome with the Holy Spirit and a desire to get right with the Catholic Church! So her plan actually backfired. It made me hunger even more for my Lord!

The thing about Oprah is she is so seductive in her teachings. Because it's cloaked as "entertainment," most people aren't aware that they're receiving heretical teaching. They just absorb it as a "positive thinking" type of message, but where does it lead?

Independence and rebellion from God, that's where. I'm really glad you posted this.

Bia said...

I have when she says that God is a "feeling experience" and not a "believing experience". Huh? I learned long ago to tune her out. She has set herself as an authority on life, and she annoys me to no end!

I, too, am grateful for The Church!

God bless.

Soutenus said...

I was so happy to read of The Holy Spirit's work in your life, Mary Rose. That is such a great "backfire!" THAT is a great testimony that brings hope to me (and others, I am sure), too!

Bia, I admire you for being able to tune her out. I fight anger and disgust . . . I really need to remember to just turn to God and pray. I need to remember what happened to Mary Rose! That is so incredible!

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