Saturday, February 23, 2008

Prayer Quotes

H/T to Mom2Twelve and A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars

St. Teresa of Avila,

"Give me a person who has fifteen minutes of mental prayer daily, and I will give you a saint."
St. Therese of Lisieux centuries later said,
"For me, prayer is an upward leap of the heart, an untroubled glance toward heaven, a cry of gratitude and love which I utter from the depths of sorrow as well as from the heights of joy."
Prayer and silence go well together.
The fruit of SILENCE is prayer
The fruit of PRAYER is Faith
The fruit of FAITH is Love
The fruit of LOVE is Service
The fruit of SERVICE is Peace.
~Mother Teresa

H/T to A Concord Pastor Comments:

Poet Scott Cairns recounts a Dan Rather interview with Mother Teresa in which he asked her what she says to God when she prays.
"I don't say anything," she said. "I just listen."
Then the interviewer asked her what God says to her.
"He doesn't say anything," she responded. "He just listens."


Anonymous said...

Yes in Miles Jesu we are supposed to make a daily meditation...& St Teresa of Avila's writings are especially important..

Soutenus said...

I was reading some more of St Teresa of Avila and have become fascinated. Do you know of any books you might recommend?

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