Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It Is Still Christmas

"I looked at Mary, whose motherhood we honor today, and asked for help. She is so good at knowing what will speak to my heart. 'It goes by so fast. He'll only be a newborn for a little while. Love my baby with me. Look at his tiny hands, pointing to Heaven, his tiny feet, unblemished by earth's roads, and divine Face, looking back at you. He won't be a baby forever, you know.'

. . . In just days the little baby will disappear and very shortly after that a grown man will hang, bruised and bloodied from a cross. We will be walking the road to Calvary with our Jesus before we know it. When we look at our tiny Saviour, there is no question about who this baby will become. We know it all too well. We bear the weight of it in our broken, sinful humanity. For that reason, we MUST remember that for a few more days, it's still Christmas."

Quote Source:
Footprints on the Fridge
Are We There Yet

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