Monday, December 17, 2007

You Missed a Spot (grumble, grumble)

As you read this remember that anything in purple --reminds us that the reverse is also true!

Some people like to grumble and some people like to grumble a lot! Have you noticed that grumblers sometimes get grumblier during the holidays (Holy-days)?

It’s the old, “You missed a spot” syndrome. It is glossed over that 99.9% of something is great but that one spot sticks out and ruins everything. That’s what news broadcasts are based on. We don’t hear about the hundreds of thousands of kids who went to school today with their homework done, who behaved, and got an A on the spelling test. We hear about the one kid who shot his teacher.

Remember this advise* -

"10% of the people will love what you do - no matter what you do.
10% of the people will hate what you do- no matter what you do.
And the other 80% often aren't paying attention. At least half of them wouldn't know the difference if there were a trained baboon doing your job.”
Though some people will be supportive no matter what, some people will look for the spot you missed on the newly painted wall no matter what.
The thing is that grumbling can bring a community down (remember "community" includes your school .... family.... a group of friends). Think for a moment about those who are often easy target for grumblers:
  • a co-worker
  • a student
  • a teacher
  • administration
  • neighbors
  • your pastor
  • a bishop
  • or even a pope!
The constant tearing down can only damage us.
Look what happened to Saint John of the Cross (notice the saint part) whose community grumbled against him and treated him most sorely.

A room full of people each stating just one thing that they don’t like about someone can leave the whole group with the impression that everyone is in agreement that they do not like that person. It is like a warped form of guilt by association! All of a sudden a bad humor spreads and bad humors are generally hard to put out.

Many people have done things I do not like. I am trying to remember to say to myself, "So what?" Usually it is a matter of people simply not choosing my way. Does that make someone a bad leader, teacher, student, friend (etc.) or unfit for a job ? No. It makes them different from me.

Maybe it would be a good idea to run these questions through our minds:
Is what they did evil?
Is what they did eternally damaging to the soul?

I would think that, in most cases, we should give the person a break. Some day when we make a decision, make a statement or take on a project, that displeases -- because a decision had to be made and we did not make it in another's favor . . . . . hopefully they will cut us a break, too.

H/T to Adam's Ale for his post on grumbling! Many of his words are here verbatim. MANY have been expanded upon or changed completely. His post was an amazing writing prompt for me. Thank you, Father! Check out his blog -- you will definitely be bookmarking it!

Here is quick, funny look at grumblers with an attitude! (PLUS - it uses one of my classes' vocabulary words)

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