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What is Gaudete Sunday?

H/T: I have found a wealth of wonderful information over at A Concord Pastor Comments.
Here are two posts from, A Concord Pastor Comments.

7th grade --
Create a word document in 12 point Verdana font
defining each of the following 5 vocabulary words and answer the question (#6). Make sure your name is on your document.

1. Advent
2. Gaudete

3. Laetare
4. Presbyter
5. Roman Missal
6. Why are rose vestments worn on Gaudete and Laetare Sundays?

For extra credit please write a summary of one of the following:

  • Sunday's homily (include where you attended Mass) OR
  • Saturday's Great Day in Bethlehem play OR
  • Saturday's homily (Bless the Baby Jesus Mass)
1/2 Way to the Celebration of Christ's Birthday!
Our Advent path has taken us from our first steps half-way to the celebration of Christ's birthday. Joyful at this mark on our journey, we take off the purple of repentance and don the lighter color of rose in vestments and on the Advent wreath. As we light this third candle, let us pray for joy...

Pray for the joy Christ's coming promises...
Pray for the joy that survives life's trials...
Pray for the joy the lonely thirst for...
Pray for the joy only peace can bring...
Pray for the joy that smiles even in grief...
Pray for the joy that is deep, not passing...
Pray for the joy that helps us see beyond the moment...
Pray for the joy only God can give us...
Pray for the joy others invite us to share...
Pray for the joy someone waits for me to share...

What is Gaudete Sunday?
The Presbyter of the Archdiocese of Boston (aka: A Concord Pastor) was hoping you'd ask! Here is how he explains it:

In the Roman Missal (of which our Sacramentary or altar prayer book is a translation) for each celebration of Mass, there is a verse of a psalm that might be sung as the entrance song. In the original edition, of course, this is given in Latin and on the "half-way" Sundays of Advent and Lent, the psalm verse begins with the words gaudete and laetare, respectively. Both words translate as "rejoice" as the Church calls us to rejoice that we are half-way to the feast for which we are preparing (Christmas, Easter). On what has come to be known as Gaudete Sunday and Laetare Sunday, vestments in shades of rose are worn to visually indicate our progress in the season. And the third candle on the Advent wreath completes the color scheme.

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